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This article was written by famous New York Times writer, James Barron, and appeared on the first page above the fold, of the Sunday Styles Section in the New York Times. Jackie’s expensive, hand-smocked, hand embroidered Swiss batiste dress was a first in the doll industry and the limited edition production of 5,000 “Jackie” dolls retailed for US $495. The entire 5,000 edition sold-out only a few months after its introduction.


Great American Doll Company’s 28” Prototype Porcelain Gabriela Sabatini doll was donated to the Pediatric Aids Foundation in Los Angeles and sold at their annual silent auction for $10,000. The doll was the second highest selling item. Only Christian Slater’s Cadillac sold for more – at $12,000.




In March of 1998, GADCO launched the industry’s first Princess Diana doll, a limited edition vinyl doll, which sold for $500. The doll stood 33 inches tall and was sculpted by Bruno Rossellini to look like Diana when she was a nine-year old girl. Bob Shaffner, President of the Rolls Royce Foundation, located in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, wrote to congratulate the company on this high quality production. A few weeks later, the doll completely sold out.


Stan Pawlowski was The Great American Doll Company’s banker for over 15 years. He was later promoted to Chairman of the Board of the bank, and went on to found several Orange County, California banks.



Marlene Dietrich, at age 3, sculpted by Bruno Rossellini. It took 150 individual doll parts to make each Dietrich doll, and the manufacturing process consisted of over 200 individual steps. The dolls in this photograph have now reached the final step – they are now ready for their final packaging. 33” in Height. $695. Dietrich’s entire limited edition completely sold out many months prior to production.

Here is a proud and joyous worker, happy to have had the opportunity to work on the production of the beautiful doll, Marlene Dietrich – as she looked at 3 years old.


Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini sculpted this limited edition Great American Doll Company, John-John, to look just as he appeared when he was famously photographed on the world stage, at 3 years old. To maintain the highest quality manufacturing processes available in the industry, the John-John dolls were produced slowly and carefully – in small production batches. This photo shows one of these small batches and the final stage of production when John-John was safely secured onto his custom-designed doll stand. This limited edition series totally sold-out many months before production began. 33” in Height. Price: 695.00

Limited Edition John-John Doll – On the Production Line
John-John was a super-best seller for The Great American Doll Company and its dealers. His brown hand made glass eyes were manufactured exclusively for the company in Germany. His wigs were custom made – hand-sewn and hand-cut, in Macau. Production time for John-John’s tailored woolen shorts and coat was five months. His custom-designed coat buttons were engraved to read, “President of the United States.” His hand-woven, human hair eyelashes were each individually hand-set, as are Great American Doll Company’s doll’s eyelashes.
Exclusive Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini, sculpted John-John to look he looked when he was three years old. As a result of the company’s highest- end luxury doll manufacturing techniques, and Rossellini’s unprecedented quality, realism and attention to detail, the company is often referred to by its dealers, as: “The Rolls Royce of dolls.”



Daewoo began supplying The Great American Doll Company with a few doll components in 1988. By 1990, the Chairman of Daewoo, Chairman Kim – approached GADCO with a business proposal to form a Joint Venture Company. (At the time, Daewoo had $120 billion in sales, and was the 12th largest company in the world.) The two famous brand name companies signed a joint venture deal in 1991 to build the “biggest toy company in the world.”  On May 26, Photo taken after signing ceremony – GADCO/Daewoo joint-venture deal. This event was photographed inside the boardroom at the Los Angeles corporate offices of Daewoo.
Shown from left to right: Mr. K.T. Yoon, Executive Account Manager Daewoo America; Fredericka D. Lam, M.Ed., Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Co-CEO, Avatar General Corporation/The Great American Doll Company; Mr. A.H. Ahn, Executive Vice President Daewoo America/CFO of Joint Venture; Michael R. Lam, Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Co-CEO, Avatar General Corporation/The Great American Doll Company; Mr. K.W. Lee, President, Daewoo America and Mr. K.D. Kim, CFO Daewoo America (Daewoo America’s corporate headquarters are located in New York City.)

“Justine” Doll Shown on Front Cover of GADCO Catalog, Holiday Season 1998





Award Winning Chloe Love, first toy Baby doll.