High-end acetate designer sunglasses with a patented, authenticated piece of American history: personal property owned by Abraham Lincoln! And it's the first of its kind! Handcrafted in Greece. Limited to only 80 pairs worldwide.

High-end acetate designer sunglasses with a patented, authenticated piece of American history: personal property owned by Abraham Lincoln! And it's the first of its kind! Handcrafted in Greece. Limited to only 80 pairs worldwide.

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Exclusively Designed


Great American Eyewear by Bruno Rossellini

Handcrafted in Greece

  • Luxury Acetate Frames: Manufactured in Greece exclusively for Great American Eyewear by fifth generation master artisans.
    • Handmade Frames manufactured with the highest-end Italian Mazzucchelli Brand midnight black acetate material.
    • Hand-Polished for the highest degree of shine assuring the smoothest and luxurious gloss finishes available anywhere.
    • Italian Design: Designed exclusively for Great American Eyewear by multiple award-winning artist, Bruno Rossellini. (See Great American Doll Company -- EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki for more information on Rossellini.)
    • Polarized Lenses: Providing the highest-quality UVA/UVB 400 protection available.
    • Highest-Quality Hinges: Manufactured in Switzerland with Indestructible Five barrel hinges.
    • Ultra-Light Weight Comfort: Designed by Rossellini to provide an extremely comfortable fit. Customers say they are so light they forget they are wearing them.
    • Strict Limited Edition: Due to the rarity of the Lincoln law office wood, only 80 pairs will be manufactured by Great American Eyewear worldwide. Unique consecutive numbering (Example:1/80, 2/80. . .etc.)
    • Individual Numbering: Gold engraved individual numbering is featured inside the left temple of each pair of Abraham Lincoln Sunglasses.
    • High-End Fine Jewelry Setting Holds A Rare Piece of: Authenticated Wall Paneling -- a genuine piece of historical wood from  President Lincoln's Law Office in Springfield, Illinois:: Exclusively features the Presidential memorabilia are encased in an exclusive, patented, fine jewelry setting design permanently embedded on the outside of the right temple(arm).
    • Fine Jewelry Design by Bruno Rossellini: Each pair of sunglasses features a solid 18-karat gold bezel and cabochon made from a sparkling white sapphire, which holds a patented, rare and authenticated piece of American History: a fragment of rare personal property owned by President Abraham Lincoln.
    • Own Rare Memorabilia Personally Owned by President Abraham Lincoln: It's the first (and only) of its kind. Exclusively featured on the outside right temple of each pair of Lincoln sunglasses is a rare authenticated piece of wood paneling from the Springfield, Illinois law office owned by President Lincoln!
    • UNISEX:  designed to look amazing on both women and men.
    • Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership:  A custom-designed certificate verifying the provenance and authenticity of Abraham Lincolns rare personal property. The certificate provides ownership documentation related to how Lincoln's law office wood was obtained, the edition size, the date purchased, and more.
    • Each Certificate is Hand-Signed by Great American Eyewear/The Great American Doll Company principles and founders:  Each certificate is personally hand-signed by the Great American Eyewear's Founders. 
    • Elegant Paisley Designed Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth and thick grey microfiber pouch included.
    • Among the Top Rated Luxury Brands by High-end Optical shops. Retailers have said that Great American Eyewear's new sunglasses exceed the quality and value of well-known luxury brands selling at $795 and up.
    • And, adding the authenticated presidential memorabilia in small limited edition quantities has "placed Great American Eyewear on par with limited edition collectible art – making each serial numbered pair a rare, beautiful, and heirloom-quality investment that is sure to be cherished for generations."
      • Innovative Retro Design:  This was the main consideration in making this model an upscale artist fashion creation, to capture the essence of Lincoln in JFK's preferred model of vintage sunglasses while enhancing the design with artist Bruno Rossellini uniquely re-engineered modernized styling.  
      • An Elegant Design Created by Bruno Rossellini:  This is what customers are saying,: "They look amazing on both my husband and on myself!  And. . .they are comfortable! They fit so well! These are my go-to favorites, and I feel Presidential -- very uplifted when wearing them!!"
          Size Information

          Temple Length: 145mm
          Lens Width: 55mm
          Bridge Width: 19mm
          Frame Height: 48.3mm
          Frame Width: 142.1mm


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