"Quite simply, the finest designer sunglasses ever released." Luxury tortoise acetate designed by award-winning Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini, with a rare piece of history . . . personal property owned by JFK! And it's the first of its kind.

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"The finest designer sunglasses ever released."  Lynda Marx, award-winning designer

"Wearing Great American Eyewear is a whole new experience. . . one that's more personal than ever."  John Hill, Retired Probation Officer, Los Angeles County

  • Now for the first time, you can own beautiful designer sunglasses with a patented piece of JFK's own personal property!.
  • Exclusively designed for you by multiple-award winning Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini!
  • Great American Eyewear's luxurious tortoises acetate sunglasses are handcrafted for you by fifth generation master artisans in Greece, the birthplace of democracy.

It doesn't seem possible . . .

  • Great American Eyewear's JFK Sunglasses are patented and made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch -- not a pair of sunglasses.
  • Exclusively designed to be dignified, elegant, sleek and refined.
  • They offer you the lightest . . . most comfortable fit. 
  • Engineered to make you feel like you're not wearing sunglasses!
  • Great American Eyewear are so impressive they rival high-end sunglasses that cost hundreds of dollars more.

A New And Improved Eyewear Experience!

  • Masterful New Patented Design innovation and Craftsmanship
  • Imagine Touching Greatness every time you wear your new Great American Eyewear's JFK Sunglasses!

      How Rossellini Perfected the Design

      Great American Eyewear's Designer, artist, Bruno Rossellini, asked more than 250 people to test various versions of his new JFK sunglasses design.

      Great American Eyewear testers wore Rossellini's new JFK sunglasses as they walked at the seashore, strolled or stood in line at Disneyland and other amusement parks, hiked on desert trails and shopped on Rodeo Drive.

      Rossellini gave each person a pair of Great American Eyewear's JFK Tortoise sunglasses and asked them to tell him everything they experienced while wearing his new design.

      He wanted to know how the new sunglasses felt. He also wanted to perfect the design to ensure that 98% of all JFK Sunglasses wearers looked.great in them!

      He also wanted to know how they like the clear, glare-fee polarized ZEISS lenses.

      The result:
      1. Bruno Rossellini's new designs turned a lot of heads.
      2. Everyone wanted to see, touch and experience the new sunglasses with the powerful piece of history owned by JFK!
      3. The stunningly designed frame, expensive, high-end polarized ZEISS lenses and the exquisite JFK property permanently secured inside they eyewear's right temple . . . .(inside a solid18 Karat gold and crystal sapphire . . .displaying a clearly visible piece of JFK's own white Oxford dress shirt) . . . greatly impressed both the wears and observers. 
      4. Many said their new sunglasses made them feel powerful.
      5. Many "testers" actually bought Great American Eyewear's new JFK design after wearing them.
      6. Rossellini was amazed when buyers told him,  "This new design will be my favorite!"
      7. And  . . . many told him that wearing the JFK sunglasses was a new and improved experience.
      8. The "testers" told him that they loved the beautiful fine jewelry -- especially when it sparkled under different kinds of lights and in the sunshine.
      9. Rossellini discovered that his new design stood out in a crowd!

      Imagine Making Your Best Vacation Memories . . . Wearing JFK Sunglasses

        • Customers wanted to learn more about how Great American Eyewear's Co-founder, Michael R. Lam, acquired the rare property that was personally owned and worn by JFK.
          • And they wanted to know how Michael had the idea to patent his new historical memorabilia innovation.
          • So Rossellini wrote up the true story and put it on Great American Eyewear's website's home page for you to read! (See "What's Inside Our Eyewear" . . .)

            An Uncompromising Vision of Personal Eyewear with Incredible Power to . . . Touch Greatness

              • Some other things people asked: "Is the crystal sapphire in the fine jewelry setting strong?"
                • So Rossellini explained that although the surface of the fine-jewelry setting is as clear as glass, (and that's why you and your friends can easily see the weave of JFK's shirt underneath) . . . it's not made of glass. It's actually a sapphire crystal cabochon, whose hardness is second only to diamond on the scale of transparent materials. That means the surface of the sapphire crystal far less likely to scratch.

                  Personally Choose the Best

                    • The reaction Rossellini's JFK sunglasses wearers received from their friends and relatives was: "Where did you get your sunglasses?" 
                      • "Those are beautiful sunglasses!
                        • "I've never seen this kind of jewelry design on eyewear before! I love it on sunglasses. . . its subtle, yet exquisite."
                          • Most everyone told him . . . This is an awesome design concept!"

                            A Strict Limited Edition:  180 Worldwide

                            Serious FOMO sets in when you realize that there will only be180 pairs of Great American Eyewear's JFK sunglasses manufactured worldwide!

                            So Much More Than Other Eyewear
                              •  Luxury JFK Tortoise Acetate Frames exclusively for you by fifth generation master artisans.
                              • Handmade for you with the highest-end Italian Mazzucchelli Brand Acetate.
                              • Hand-Polished Frames:  For the highest degree of shine assuring you the smoothest and most luxurious gloss finish available anywhere.

                              Our Most Personal and Powerful Sunglasses Yet

                              • About Great American Eyewear's Award Winning Italian Artist, Bruno Rossellini:  Rossellini designed  three new sunglasses for the launch of Great American's new division, Great American Eyewear: JFK Tortoise; Abraham Lincoln Midnight Black and Jackie Kennedy Midnight Black with a patented piece of property owned by:  President John F. Kennedy (Tortoise Acetate); President Abraham Lincoln (Midnight Black) & First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and JFK (Midnight Black).

                              Choose New Eyewear Designs by Visionary Artist Bruno Rossellini:

                              • Patented President Abraham Lincoln Sunglasses and Jackie Kennedy also available for shipping now!
                              • You can go to: Great American Doll Company.com or Great American Doll Company EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki to learn more about Great American's exclusive Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini and his previous designs and numerous industry awards.

                              Imagine Sunglasses With Upgraded ZEISS Lenses that Provide Clearer Vision . . .

                              A Extraordinary Personal Touch, Just for You!

                              • Imagine New Customized Polarized ZEISS Lenses
                              • Each Pair of JFK Sunglasses is Upgraded with Powerful, Individually Customized Luxury ZEISS Polarized Lenses with Violet Anti Reflective (AR) Backing . . .
                              • ZEISS is the World Leader in High-end Polarized Lenses for 100% More Visual Clarity in the Sun, Snow, on the Golf Course and on the Water . . .
                              • The highest-end ZEISS polarized lenses in "Pilot Green" with special Anti-Reflective (AR) violet coating on the back side.
                              • Great American Eyewear's ZEISS lenses are individually individually customized to perfectly fit each pair of JFK sunglasses. The way we achieve this is to individually hand-cut, hand-fit and hand-mount each pair of lenses into your sunglasses.
                              • After your sunglasses arrive at our California manufacturing plant from Greece, the lenses customization process begins.
                              • Every pair of sunglasses is custom-fitted in California with luxury ZEISS polarized lenses. Great American Eyewear offers you this extraordinary upgrade not found in any other sunglasses.
                              • The special "lenses fittings" are performed by an expert edger and mounter, with over 25 years experience to ensure: #1) The clearest vision possible in all environmental conditions, and #2) A tight, perfect fit.
                              • ZEISS, a Swiss Company, is the only lens manufacturer in the world to produce their own proprietary G-15 Pilot Green Color Lenses with a soft hue violet AR coating.
                              • This makes your previously impossible tasks, possible. For example: your long hours of driving, on the golf course or on the water will be glare-free and as a result, you'll notice that you don't feel as tired as you did with your other non-ZEISS polarized lenses.
                              •  ZEISS's exclusive features also ensure that your JFK sunglasses are much more attractive than ordinary lenses.
                              • ZEISS anti-reflective coating allows you to see clearly, without reflections.
                              • AR polarized lens coatings offer more comfort and safety on the road because they eliminate glare. Without them, sunglasses reflect a great deal of light, which can be very distracting to the wearer, especially on wet roads and while driving.
                              • Also, it is very distracting when someone you might be talking with can see themselves in your glasses. Note: With Great American Eyewear's luxurious ZEISS polarized lenses, no one can see themselves in your glasses!
                              • A Hidden Secret: If you place the back side of your glasses under a bright light against a white background, you will see the clear marking of the ZEISS Logo -- "Z" on both the right and left lenses; like a secret watermark.
                              • In summary, Great American Eyewear selected the world famous Swiss lens manufacturer, ZEISS because the company produces the highest quality lenses for sunglasses on earth.
                              • ZEISS lenses provide the best UVA/UVB 400 protection available anywhere.
                              • ZEISS states that "ZEISS polarized lenses with customized AR Backing offer ultra protection when you're in bright sunlight driving, golfing, or anywhere outside including nearby a lake, ocean or on the water."
                              • Average retail prices nationwide for the customized upgrade of luxury ZEISS lenses with added Anti-Reflective soft violet backing, as featured on Great American Eyewear's JFK sunglasses:  $300.


                              • Highest-End Swiss Made Hinges: Another Innovative Upgrade:  Each pair of Great American Eyewear JFK sunglasses features luxury hinges manufactured in Switzerland with indestructible five-barrel hinges.
                              • The Reason Your Great American Eyewear JFK design is a Strict Limited Edition: Due to the rarity of President Kennedy's white oxford dress shirt, only 180 pairs of JFK sunglasses will ever be manufactured worldwide.
                              • Custom Individualized Consecutive Numbering:  Example:1/180, 2/180. . . engraved in gold inside the left temple of each pair.
                              • New! You Won't Find This Anywhere Else! The patented piece of fine jewelry designed by Bruno Rossellini with a rare, authenticated "Piece of American History" -- a piece of JFK's own white Oxford dress shirt is an exclusive feature of your JFK sunglasses that you won't find this anywhere else.
                              • Featuring an Exclusive Bruno Rossellini Designed Fine- Jewelry Setting: Featured on the right temple of your JFK sunglasses is a patented, fine-jewelry design with a solid 18-karat gold bezel and a water-clear, sparkling white cabochon sapphire.
                              • Securely held under the sapphire is an authenticated piece of rare American Presidential history -- actual personal property owned and worn by President John F. Kennedy!
                              • You and Your Friends and Family Will Actually See the Weave/Threads of JFK's Private Collection. 
                              • Great American Eyewear's Exclusive Memorabilia: You can See the Actual Weave of JFK's Personally Owned White Oxford Dress Shirt:  You and your loved ones can actually see the intricate details of JFK's woven shirt. The Oxford dress shirt material can be easily under the crystal sapphire cabochon.
                              • Only available from Great American Eyewear! (And very few select luxury optical stores authorized by Great American Eyewear.)
                              • During What Time Period Did JFK Own and Wear This Rare and Historical Oxford Dress Shirt? This personal property was owned and worn by JFK in the 1950's, when he was 35-40 years old. During this time, he served his country as the State Senator from Massachusetts.
                              • UNISEX:  designed to look amazing on 98% of both women and men.
                              • Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership:  A custom-designed certificate verifying the provenance, rarity and authenticity of JFK's white Oxford dress shirt, is complimentary with each limited edition pair of sunglasses. The certificate also provides ownership documentation, the edition size, Great American Eyewear founder's signatures. Your certificate confirms your own individualized serial number; your own limited edition number, and more.
                              • Comes with an elegant Custom Made Period Design Paisley Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth and Grey Luxury Microfiber Sunglasses Pouch
                              • Comes with a Beautiful Luxury Alligator-Style Retro Carrying Case is also offered complimentary to safeguard and protect your JFK sunglasses. A hard, luxurious, high-end design with soft grey lining.
                              • Great American Eyewear IS Among the Top Rated Luxury Brands Ranked by High-End Optical Shops. Retailers have said that Great American Eyewear's limited edition celebrity sunglasses exceed the quality and value of well-known luxury brands selling for $795 and up. Retailers have said that when Great American Eyewear added innovative, highly authenticated presidential memorabilia, and the very small handmade limited edition quantities, designed by Bruno Rossellini, that this, "Places Great American Eyewear on par with limited edition collectible art, making each individually-numbered pair of JFK sunglasses an heirloom-quality investment to be cherished for generations."
                              • Feedback from Purchasers: This is what we have heard from our customers:"They look amazing on both my husband and on myself! 
                              • They are very comfortable and fit so well!
                              • These are now my go-to favorites, and I feel Presidential when I wear them."
                              • "I stand and sit up taller and I feel really proud to own them!"
                              • "I am very happy to have found them!"

                              Money-Back Guarantee!  Great American Eyewear has earned the highest customer service ranking in our industry. Our sunglasses are totally guaranteed to make you very happy or your money back!

                                Size Information

                                Temple Length: 145mm
                                Lens Width: 55mm
                                Bridge Width: 19mm
                                Frame Height: 48.3mm
                                Frame Width: 142.1mm


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