Luxury tortoise acetate eyewear designed by world-famous multi award-winning Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini with a rare piece of authenticated personal property owned by JFK!  And it's the first of its kind.

Luxury tortoise acetate eyewear designed by world-famous multi award-winning Italian artist, Bruno Rossellini with a rare piece of authenticated personal property owned by JFK! And it's the first of its kind.

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  • JFK acetate eyewear handmade in Greece.
  • Exclusively designed for you by multi-award-winning Italian artist, Bruno Rosselli
  • Great American Eyewear's luxurious tortoise acetate sunglasses are handcrafted by fifth-generation master artisans in Greece, the birthplace of democracy.

It doesn't seem possible . . . ONLY AVAILABLE FROM GREAT AMERICAN EYEWEAR. . .

  • Great American Eyewear's JFK Sunglasses are patented, exclusive, and made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch -- not a pair of sunglasses.
  • Exclusively designed to be dignified, elegant, sleek, and refined.
  • They offer you the lightest . . . most comfortable fit ever.
  • Great American Eyewear are the highest-end luxury sunglasses available anywhere! 

A New And Improved Eyewear Experience!

    Uncompromising attention to detail:

    Quality and Luxury -- personal eyewear with incredible history . . .touch greatness!

    • Some other things people asked: "Is the crystal sapphire in the fine jewelry setting strong?"
    • The fine-jewelry setting is as clear as crystal -- that's why you can easily see the weave of JFK's shirt underneath the sapphire crystal cabochon!
    • The hardness of the sapphire is second only to diamonds on the MOSS scale of super-hard materials. This is extraordinary hardness and security to hold JFK's rare personal property forever.  Not available anywhere else. . .

    Choose New Eyewear by visionary artist Bruno Rossellini, award-winning Italian designer -- google him!

    • New! You Won't Find This Anywhere Else! NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!
    • The patented piece of fine jewelry designed by Bruno Rossellini with a rare, authenticated "Piece of American History" -- a piece of JFK's own white Oxford dress shirt is an exclusive feature of your JFK sunglasses that you won't find anywhere else.
    • Featuring an Exclusive Bruno Rossellini Designed Fine- Jewelry Setting: Featured on the right temple of your JFK sunglasses is a patented, fine jewelry design with a solid 18-karat gold bezel and a water-clear, sparkling white cabochon sapphire.
    • Securely held under the sapphire is an authenticated piece of rare American Presidential history -- actual personal property owned and worn by President John F. Kennedy!
    • Great American Eyewear's exclusive memorabilia: You can see the actual weave of JFK's personally owned white Oxford dress shirt through the sapphire cabochon:  You and your loved ones can actually see the intricate details of JFK's woven shirt, which can be easily viewed under the crystal sapphire cabochon.
    • Only available from Great American Eyewear online here! NOW SHIPPING for 2023! NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!


    • When did JFK own and wear the historical Oxford dress shirt seen inside my limited edition eyewear?  The rare personal property was owned and worn by JFK in the 1950s when he was 35 years old. During this time, he served his country as the State Senator from Massachusetts.
    • UNISEX: Designed to look amazing on both women and men.
    • Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership:  Comes with a custom-designed certificate verifying the provenance, rarity, and authenticity of JFK's white Oxford dress shirt -- this is complimentary with each limited edition pair of sunglasses. The certificate also provides ownership documentation, the edition size, Great American Eyewear founder's signatures. Your certificate confirms your own individualized serial number; your own limited edition number, and more.
    • Comes with an elegant custom-made designer paisley cleaning cloth and grey luxury eyewear pouch
    • Great American Eyewear IS Among the Top-Rated Luxury Brands Ranked by Customers Worldwide. Our customers have repeatedly told us that Great American Eyewear's limited edition celebrity sunglasses exceed the quality and value of well-known luxury brands selling at the high-end of the market. Customers have said that when Great American Eyewear added innovative, highly authenticated presidential memorabilia designed by Bruno Rossellini, that this, "Places Great American Eyewear on par with limited edition art pieces -- making each individually-numbered pair of JFK sunglasses an heirloom-quality investment that you and your family can cherish for generations."
    • Feedback from Purchasers: This is what we have heard from our customers: "They look amazing on both my husband and on myself! 
    • They are very comfortable and fit so well!
    • These are now my go-to favorites, and I feel Presidential when I wear them."
    • "I stand and sit up taller and I feel really proud to own them!"
    • "I am very happy to have found them!"
    • "I can touch greatness anytime!"

    Money-Back Guarantee!  Great American Eyewear has earned the highest customer service ranking in our industry. Our sunglasses are guaranteed to make you very happy or your money back!

    Size Information

    Temple Length: 145mm
    Lens Width: 55mm
    Bridge Width: 19mm
    Frame Height: 48.3mm
    Frame Width: 142.1mm



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