About Us

Great American Eyewear launched its first line of eyewear, American Presidents' Private Collection on June 17, 2018. The company is the newest division of The Great American Doll Company which designs, develops, manufactures and distributes the best-selling high-end dolls in history. (www.greatamericandolls.com).

The company’s esteemed management team’s talent and imagination are legendary – a virtual Who’s Who of the international toy industry. This team includes founders Michael and Fredericka Lam, famed award-winning Italian artist and sculptor, Bruno Rossellini, as well as a distinguished management team who have steered the parent company for over thirty years.


Award-winning Italian Artist and Sculptor, Bruno Rossellini

  • The renowned award-winning Italian artist and sculptor, Bruno Rossellini signed an exclusive long-term contract with The Great American Doll Company in 1990, and has continued to serve as its Director of Creative Design.
  • Rossellini has designed numerous best-selling realistic dolls for the company and has recently signed on as head designer for Great American Eyewear's new line of patented luxury sunglasses entitled: American Presidents’ Private Collection.
  • The Collection includes rare, patented fragments of authenticated personal property owned by: President Abraham Lincoln; President George Washington; President John F. Kennedy; and First Lady Jackie Kennedy.
  • Rossellini designed both the luxury frames handmade with Italian Mazzuchelli acetate in Greece, with an exclusive, 18K solid gold bezel and white sapphire cabochon fine jewelry temple-setting.
  • Great American Eyewear's design team, under Rossellini's  leadership, selected the highest quality, best-colored lenses: Zeiss Polarized lenses with AR back-coating.
  • Rossellini's exquisitely designed, elegant-yet-simplified jewelry piece holds the rare, authenticated fragments of personal property owned by Great American Presidents.
  • Rossellini is responsible for overseeing all aspects of design for The Great American Doll Company, Great American Publications and Great American Eyewear.
  • This includes handling the sculpting design for each of the eyewear frames, lenses, hinges, and new temple embellishment design/fine jewelry made from an exquisite18k solid gold bezel and sparkling white sapphire cabochon, and selecting exquisite colors of Polarized Zeiss lenses with Anti-Reflective (AR) back-coating in soft Violet color.
  • Worldwide Launch  of these first-ever eyewear to incorporate an original piece of great American Presidential history -- An authenticated fragment of rare personal property --
  • Owned and worn by: President John F. Kennedy (Tortoise) -- Limited Edition 180;
  • Owned by: President Abraham Lincoln, President George Washington, and President John F. Kennedy (Midnight Black) -- Limited Edition: 80
  • Owned and Worn by: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy -- Limited Edition 280.  

Following a generations-old European tradition of elegance and quality, Bruno Rossellini has once again proven his mastery of yet another art -- he designed a majestic fine-jewelry temple setting to hold rare pieces of property owned by Great American Presidents.

This is designed onto the temple of each one of Great American Eyewear's limited edition luxury eyewear. Using materials made from  18K solid gold and white sapphire, his newest creation serves the dual purposes of holding and protecting the rare Presidential fragments, and beautifying Great American’s new line of sunglasses, like nothing else.

In a single stroke, Rossellini has melded the old with the new – the luxury and mystique of traditional European jewelry design, with an awe-inspiring patented process. And like other great Italian geniuses before him, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Galileo, he has left an imprint in the Eyewear Industry that is destined to transform the way we see eyewear forever!

The construction of such a spectacular and unique setting design could only be entrusted to a jewelry maker who was trained in the best old world skills of professional European Masters of jewelry making. For this expertise, we selected a famous artist located in prestigious upscale community of Rancho Mirage, California.  

 Company Founders:  Michael and Fredericka Lam

  • Michael and Fredericka Lam are the Founders of The Great American Doll Company (GADCO), Great American Publications, International Collector Services (ICS) and Great American Eyewear.
  • In 1985, they pioneered the first realistic doll designs into the market. These original works of art revolutionized the industry's doll and action figure design conceptualization, product development and manufacturing processes.
  • Michael R. Lam is the founder of International Marketing and Sales Company, (IMSCO), the predecessor of GADCO. In 1981, after only one year in business, IMSCO became the largest designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of the world’s highest quality doll components.
  • The company began in Lam’s garage with a $5,000 loan from his father. Within sixteen months, without any additional investments, IMSCO's sales grew to over $7.3 million, with 90% margins. (Neither Microsoft or Oracle accomplished this.)
    • Fredericka D. Lam, M.Ed, is a former licensed counselor specializing in children, Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) member and graduate of the highly selective and prestigious non-partisan, non-profit, Coro Foundation Leadership Program.
    • Notable Coro graduates include: Hon. Senator Dianne Feinstein; William Connelly, Strategic Analyst (ret.) The New York Times; The Hon. Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate, Tim Kaine; Alex Padilla, CA Secretary of State; Bruce Corwin, Chairman and CEO of L.A.’s Metropolitan Theater Corporation; Gene Siskel, Former Film Critic, Siskel & Ebert & the Movies; Phil Angelides, Former Treasurer, the State of California; Helen Dewar, Former Staff Writer, The Washington Post; Hon. Marvin Baxter, Associate Justice California Supreme Court; and other highly esteemed judges, congressmen, media and business persons.
    • Fredericka's father, Manny Siegel was a world renowned social worker who led large refugee resettlement missions in Cuba, Haiti, and Shanghai, China. Over his career, he helped hundreds of thousands of refugees resettle into their new countries with food, shelter, medical care and employment, after they fled Nazi persecution during World War II. 
    • In Shanghai, Siegel was arrested and imprisoned as an American Prisoner of War inside the infamous Shanghai Ghetto. While incarcerated, he coordinated refugee relief efforts together with the United States' War Department, the JDC and local multinational corporations.
    • After two and a half years, Siegel escaped the Shanghai Ghetto and began working in Bulgaria for the United Nations. There, he met and married Maria Hautman, a high school physical education and English teacher who was forced to flee Austria after the Nazi's eliminated her teaching job, declaring her, "politically undesirable."
    • Hautman's physician father and mother led the Austrian resistance in Vienna. Her mother was the youngest of six women members of the Austrian Parliament and her father earned three medical degrees in: dentistry, general practice and a specialty in tropical diseases.
    • After World War II, Manny Siegel continued working for the United Nations, as Chief of Mission in Bulgaria. Maria worked as his assistant and translator.  They hired many leading international pediatricians who worked together with them to set up medical and well-baby clinics in an effort to irradiate childhood tuberculosis.
    • Within two years, they reduced the country's TB rate by 80%.
    • After completing their work in Bulgaria, the Siegel's moved to Manhattan Beach, California where they raised a family and continued their lifelong work improving the lives of others. They became leaders in the Civil Right's Movement and worked to eliminate the nation's Jim Crow laws while successfully integrating California's South Bay.


      Great American Doll Company Highlights

        • Great American Dolls repeatedly broke toy industry sales and profit records
        • Purchased by celebrities and Heads of State including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Fortune 500 CEO's/executives and more.
        • The company’s dolls have been featured in all eight windows of  Tiffany & Co., and were sold at The White House Gift Shop during the Reagan Administration.

          The Great American Doll Company Has Won Many Industry Awards

          • Doll of the Year Awards (DOTY): The Company was Awarded: Three DOTY Awards and Six Nominations
          • Dolls of Excellence Awards: The Company was Awarded: Three Dolls of Excellence Awards and Four Nominations

          A Partial List of The Great American Doll Company's Famous Customers:

          • President Ronald Reagan/Other U.S. Presidents
          • Brian Mulrooney, Former Canadian Prime Minister
          • Frederick de Klerk, President of South Africa -- de Klerk was the President who freed Nelson Mandela
          • Danielle Steele, Author
          • Candice Bergen, Actress
          • Bob Shaffner, President: Rolls Royce Foundation
          • Burt Reynolds, Actor
          • Demi Moore, Actress
          • Garry Marshall, Director, Pretty Woman, Happy Days, The Princess Diaries
          • Whoopi Goldberg, Actress/Comedian/Host of The View
          • And other famous leaders and celebrities who have requested anonymity
                Media Coverage: Dolls and books sold by The Great American Doll Company have been featured in numerous media publications worldwide including:
                • The New York Times (Front page of the Sunday Styles Section)
                • The Washington Post
                • Reuters 
                • South China Morning Post
                • The Times of London
                • The Miami Herald
                • The Orange County Register (Front Page Cover Story)
                • People Magazine
                • USA Today
                • Time Magazine
                • Newsweek
                • People Magazine
                • The Orlando Sentinel
                • Hello! Magazine (U.K.)
                • The Gulf News (Kuwait)
                • Los Angeles Daily News
                • Sports Illustrated
                • Vogue
                • And other media outlets featuring realistic GADCO dolls depicting: international tennis star Gabriela Sabatini, Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and more.
                    The Great American Doll Company has Been Featured in the Following International Media:
                    • Good Morning America
                    • Live with Regis and Kathie Lee
                    • The Home Show (ABC) 
                    • BBC (Horizon Series)
                    • CNN
                    • AP Syndicated TV News
                    • The Late Show with David Letterman
                    • And more
                    • GADCO’s one-hour TV selling shows featured on QVC, HSN, and ShopNBC, broke electronic media records when the dolls repeatedly sold-out during the first 16-22 minutes of every show. (Average selling prices: $400, with no returns from customers.)
                    • Many GADCO doll lines completely sold-out on these shows -- many in the first few seconds of the show, during the preview.
                    • The Great American Doll Company was named the most influential company in the industry by International Doll World magazine editor, Rebekka Montgomery, as a result of the company repeatedly breaking industry sales records, including sales to dealers and electronic media channels, as well as for the creation of numerous intellectual property assets that transformed the industry including, but not limited to: the world’s largest library of copyrighted doll designs, valuable trademarked brand-names,  utility and design patents, and other best-selling trademarked properties.

                    The Great American Doll Company and Great American Eyewear continue to create world-class patented processes to upgrade, enhance and uplift manufacturing technologies, doll and eyewear design concepts for toy products and luxury designer sunglasses.